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Finding & Hiring top salespeople is
Ghost Hard. Frustrating. Risky. A Total Gamble. Costly.

We've been in your shoes: interviews, references, going with our gut. But at BizDevDNA, we dive deep into the DNA of top sales candidates to deliver you the top 20% of the top 20%—guaranteed!

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We take the guesswork out of staffing & recruiting.

We don't throw darts in the dark or go with our gut. Instead, we leverage AI technology to source the best candidates and deploy the world's most powerful AI sales assessment to give you a virtual 3D MRI of every sales applicant.

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Accelerated Time to Hire

Our AI-powered assessments screen for emotional intelligence, aptitude, and other key indicators of top talent so you can find the best candidate for the role the first time around.
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Decreased Employee Turnover

Measure twice, cut once. The same goes for hiring. By implementing our proven approach to hiring the best salespeople, you’ll drive down employee attrition and lower the associated costs of new hires.
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Increased Retention Rates

Keep top talent satisfied with a streamlined hiring process and well-resourced staff. With the right salespeople in the right places, you can focus on the big picture.
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No. 0

We leverage the world’s No. 1 assessment tool.
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We’re proud to deliver 92% accuracy on all new hires.
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Our customers enjoy a one-year guarantee.
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We’re 100% focused on hiring top-tier sales talent.

What is It Actually Costing You to Hire the Wrong SalesPeople?

Bad hires aren’t just frustrating; they’re also costly.

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Wrong Fit? Wrong Results.

Traditional assessments and personality tests only scratch the surface, often missing hidden strengths and weaknesses crucial for predicting sales success. By plugging in predetermined attributes, qualifications, and skill sets into our robust AI-powered platform, we present you with the ideal sales candidate for each open role based on your specific criteria. 

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Wrong Skill Set? Poor Performance.

Hiring teams are on a hunt to find the right talent for the best position. But without screening for the right skill set for the role and without the right tool kit, hiring teams are left making assumptions about the ideal hire. On average, there are up to 10 unconscious biases present during the interview process. We cut out the guesswork with proven, actionable search processes to find your ideal candidate.

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Wrong Workflows? Slow Time to Hire.

The only thing worse than hiring the wrong talent? Losing out on the perfect candidate for the job because your hiring processes are slow and ineffective and your recruiters are overworked. Meanwhile, your internal teams suffer without adequate staffing to meet tight deadlines or offer specific expertise. We leverage AI technology to secure the best candidate in a fraction of the time.

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Wrong Hire? High Turnover.

Stressed about finding—and keeping—your top-tier talent? We get where you’re coming from and couldn’t agree more. Let’s work together to hire the right talent for your team the first time around so you can avoid high turnover and increase employee satisfaction across your entire team. Book a call with our team today to get the conversation going.

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let’s overhaul your hiring process.

Get started with a team of professionals who understand what you’re up against.

Define your ideal candidate.
We’ll start by getting to know you as an organization, your hiring goals, and the qualities you’re looking for in an ideal candidate.
Source the top 20% with AI.
Our AI engine crawls through both active and passive talent to find the top 20% of sales talent.
Perform a sales MRI.
Using the world's No. 1 sales assessment platform, we find only one "recommended" applicant out of every 16 applicants.
Create candidate-specific, AI-generated interview questions.
Reduce interview workload and interview bias. Scripted, candidate-specific questions target the exact areas of concern.
Produce video recordings of the screening interview.
We send you the video of each recommended candidate, which can be shared internally, reducing the time to hire.
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Who We Are

we know how to help because we’ve been in your shoes.

We know hiring can be tough. That's because we have been there. Our founder and CEO, a former VP of sales, has recruited and hired over 2,000 salespeople the hard way for more than 20 years.

The No. 1 way to fuel explosive growth is to increase the quantity and quality of your sales team.

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your Path to simplified staffing starts here.

Faster time to hire means fewer headaches.

Hiring your top salespeople doesn’t have to be so hard. Want to secure top talent for your sales team? Let’s get the conversation going.

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