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Why BizDevDNA?

We stand out from typical recruiting companies. We understand the challenges of hiring the best salespeople because, quite frankly, we've been in your shoes. We recognize that even the most mediocre salesperson can shine in a job interview, making it a daunting task to discern the real potential beneath the surface.

Headshot of William Albaugh, BizDevDNA's founder

Meet Our Founder

Leading the charge at BizDevDNA is our visionary founder, William Albaugh. With an illustrious career spanning two decades at Xerox, William's journey is marked by hiring, training, managing, and—when necessary—parting ways with more than 2,000 sales professionals. His invaluable experience has shaped our unique approach to hiring—an approach that goes beyond the conventional methods.

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The AI Predictive Assessment Advantage

William's epiphany came when he realized that the key to hiring exceptional salespeople lay in utilizing an AI predictive assessment model. Traditional assessments and personality tests only scratch the surface, often missing hidden strengths and weaknesses crucial for predicting sales success. Our assessment digs deep into the sales DNA, uncovering insights that other methods simply cannot reveal.

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The Birth of BizDevDNA

After years of consistently building high-performing sales teams, William recognized that his expertise at Xerox could benefit any company with a sales force. This realization led to the creation of BizDevDNA—a fusion of business and development—where our AI delves deep into the DNA of sales professionals.

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Why the Term "DNA"?

DNA, in our context, is more than just a biological term. It symbolizes our commitment to exploring the fundamental traits that make up a successful salesperson: the sales DNA. Our AI assessment offers unparalleled insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that go beyond the surface-level impressions created during interviews. At BizDevDNA, we are more than a recruiting company; we are your strategic partner in building a sales team that drives success. Join us on a journey where business development meets deep insight—because when it comes to hiring the best, we've cracked the code.

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