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Advanced Recruiting. Transparent Pricing.

Get the best value for your business with our flat-rate pricing model at half the cost or more of traditional contingency models.

Pricing Overview

Get the best price for the best overall value.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business. We do the sourcing with face-to-face screenings and sophisticated questions. We take the top 20% and administer an advanced psychological assessment that is objective, highly predictive, and benchmarked against 2.3 million salespeople since 1988. You get our seal of approval that your candidate is in the top 10%.

Explore Our Approach
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What are your under performing sales reps costing you?

This calculator only accounts for loss of revenue which is often overlooked. This does not calculate the hourly cost associated with internal recruiting, turnover etc. With a 92% guarantee of a top performer backed by a 1 year replacement guarantee, Biz Dev DNA isn't just a recruiting firm we are a revenue generating machine!


Loss of revenue of just 1 under performing sales rep:

Potential loss of revenue last year from your entire team:

consider this:

On average, we carefully evaluate 68 candidates before selecting a highly recommended sales hire.

That's the reason behind our confident 1-year guarantee! With a remarkable 92% success rate, our recommended sales hires quickly become top performers within just six months. This track record is backed by our assessment of over 2.3 million candidates since 1998!

According to surveys, the majority of companies find that only 20% of their sales team generates 80% of their sales. To reverse this trend, BizDEVDNA is the solution you need! We not only save you money but also help you increase your profits because:


A Bad Sales Hire is One of the Most Expensive Mistakes a Company Can Make

  • Wasted Salary from inadequate performance
  • Training that leads to nowhere as time spent on non-performers does not equate to revenue
  • Benefits utilized which compound the longer you keep non-performers
  • Decreased sales opportunities as potential clients are mishandled or neglected
  • Lowered team moral due to the frustration with the under-performers's lack of contribution
  • Damaged customer relationships stemming from poor sales interactions that can affect the companies reputation
  • And the obvious...loss of revenue when compared to top performers 


Let's start building you A world class sales team today!

Level 1

B2C In-Home Sales Professionals
  • Windows, roofs, solar panels, gutters, flooring, etc.
  • $6,000 with a two-candidate retainer minimum
  • Save $12,000 compared to the contingency model ($18,000)

Level 2

B2B Account Manager
  • 80% account manager; 20% hunter, inside sales, SaaS
  • $9,000 with a two-candidate retainer minimum
  • Save $13,000 compared to the contingency model ($22,000)

Level 3

B2B Business Development Pro. Hunter
  • $12,000 with a two-candidate retainer minimum
  • Save $15,000 compared to the contingency model ($27,000)

Level 4

B2B & B2C Sales Managers
  • $15,000 with a one-candidate retainer minimum
  • Save $18,000 compared to the contingency model ($33,000)

Level 5

B2B & B2C VP of Sales, CRO, CSO
  • Flat 12% of first year on-target earnings, 50% retainer
  • Save $41,000 compared to the contingency model ($60,000)

your Path to simplified staffing starts here.

Faster time to hire means fewer headaches.

Hiring your top salespeople doesn’t have to be so hard. Want to secure top talent for your sales team? Let’s get the conversation going.

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