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A Strategic Approach to Hiring that Actually Works

Get help navigating the complexities of hiring sales professionals.

What Sets Us Apart

we're changing the way sales teams think about hiring.

At BizDevDNA, we understand firsthand the hurdles that companies face to find the right salespeople with the right skill sets. We’ll teach you how to screen for candidates’ hidden strengths and weaknesses that don't always present themselves during the interview process.

Our sourcing and vetting process is more advanced than the traditional model. We only source the top 10% of sales professionals using an advanced psychological assessment process created by 16 psychologists that has been used successfully on more than 2.6 million candidates since 1988.

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Step 1

We understand the sales candidate mindset.

To get you the best results, we've taken a deep dive into applicants' mindsets and behavior patterns. With a robust AI talent search engine that crawls through both active and passive candidates at lightning speed, BizDevDNA finds talent in minutes—not weeks—so you land the talent you're looking for before it's too late.

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Step 2

We screen for core competencies to eliminate unconscious bias.

We assess every candidate, regardless of sales experience, according to 21 core sales competencies not found in a resume, interview, or personality test. These competencies are broken into three categories—will to sell, sales DNA, and tactical—and perfectly align with the practical skill set you're looking for to build a successful sales team. 

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Step 3

We create custom, candidate-specific AI-generated interview questions.

We tailor every interview question according to your hiring goals. Our AI-generated interview questions are included in every 46-page candidate report. These questions get to the heart of your ideal candidate's characteristics in a fraction of the time while reducing the overall time to hire and the workload on your internal staffing and recruiting teams. 

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Step 4

We give you access to STAR-certified recorded video interviews.

Our first interview is recorded and sent along with each recommended candidate. This provides your team with a first look at the candidate's cultural fit and consistency so you can make informed, strategic decisions about the hiring process every time. Our process not only reduces time-consuming tasks on behalf of our team but also streamlines and accelerates time to hire.

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Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing coaching and consulting services.

Often, after hiring one of our recommended sales candidates, many companies require ongoing support to backfill sales management positions, define sales processes, update comp plans, and more. We're happy to provide ongoing coaching and consulting services to help you get the very most out of our AI-powered staffing and recruiting technology services.

your Path to simplified staffing starts here.

Faster time to hire means fewer headaches.

Hiring your top salespeople doesn’t have to be so hard. Want to secure top talent for your sales team? Let’s get the conversation going.

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